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Last Dance

University of Nevada, Las Vegas Dance Department and Youtube; May 2021

Photography: Louis Kavouras

Last Dance is the end-of-year virtual student concert at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

"Human or Dancer?" is about are we Human? Are we Dancer? Why can’t we be both? Maybe that’s where the true artistry lies. Traditional ballet colors of pinks and lavendars were used to bring out the world of dance. To contract the struggle between being human and a dancer, colors grew in saturation to highlight the richness of artistic life. 

"Latent" is the unconsciousness of "Spineless" from the Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow dance concert. Cool blues complemented the ocean and eclipse motif of "Spineless". Hints of red were also included to contrast the blue while bringing out the struggle we all face in finding confidence and standing for our beliefs. 

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