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A Capacity for Evil
Music by Evan L. Synder
Libretto by Evan L. Synder & John Riesen


Opera Las Vegas- The Space Black Box Theatre; January 2023

Direction: Linda Lister
Maestro: Joshua Horsch

Lighting & Projection Design: Catherine M. Pratt
Costume Design: Abby Stroot

Photography: Chase Orlando Gutierrez

Daniel is a famed 1930’s private eye who, with help from his partner Doyle and fiancée Angelica, works to unravel a series of grisly murders occurring on New Year’s Eve. As tensions rise and the clock runs out, the bonds of friendship are tested against the dark ordeals of an imperceptible murderer. Tuneful plot complications and soaring voices are underscored by harmonically evil intent. Can these singing detectives figure things out before the unknown murderer is able to realize the full scope of his perverse aims? Someone may not be who they seem to be, but will you suss it out before the plot reveals all?

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