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Meeting Again

University of Nevada, Las Vegas Dance Department
Alta Hamm Fine Arts 111 and Youtube; November 2020

Choreography: Lauren Pellegrino
Lighting Design: Catherine M. Pratt
Photography: Louis Kavouras & Ian LaFountain

Meeting Again is part of This Moment of Movement virtual dance concert at UNLV. 

Pelligrino focused on the distance we faced at the beginning of the pandemic through social distancing and staying at home. Yet, even during this dark time for some people, there remained hope that someday we will be able to be together with friends and family again. 


Lighting started by creating a quiet street at night, showing the coolness and isolation of being separated. This matched the opening music line of church bells ringing in the distance. Once the melody of the music began, blues and purples filled the lighting color palette to bring forth the loneliness, separation, and isolation of the pandemic. While the dancers remained separated in the space, lighting stayed consistent on both dancers to show how technology still kept us together through phone calls, texting, and video chats. 


As the piece continued, the music shifted to bring forth a sense of hope. Lighting slowly began to shift from blue to pink to focus away from isolation to hope of being together soon. Even though the dancers remained separated from one another, this shift and build of lighting made the dancers feel closer together, showing the build of excitement to one day be surrounded by friends and family once again. 

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