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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Story by Lewis Carrol
Adaptation by Deborah Lynn Frockt

Rainbow Company Youth Theatre- Charleston Heights Arts Center; December 2022

Direction: Skipp Galla Katipunan
Lighting Design: Catherine M. Pratt
Scenic Design: Alexia Chen
Costume Design: Kendra Newby
Sound Design:  Brian Garth

Photography: Rainbow Company Youth Theatre


Welcome to Wonderland! Join us down the rabbit hole in a spellbinding spin on the classic works of Lewis Carroll. Come see the characters you think you know — Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat and more — brought to life in a new, ensemble-driven production for the whole family, just in time for the holiday season! This show promises to spark the imagination and leave you curiouser (and curiouser) about the magic left behind.

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