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Approaching Ali
Music by D.J. Sparr
Libretto by Mark Campbell and Davis Miller

Opera Las Vegas- The Horn Theatre; March 2023

Direction: Marc Callahan
Maestro: Joshua Horsch

Lighting & Projection Design: Catherine M. Pratt
Costume Design: Abby Stroot

Photography: Richard Brusky

The poignant tale recounts how a bullied young boy (Miller) in North Carolina in the early 1960’s is galvanized to overcome some traumatic childhood events when he sees the charismatic and powerful icon, Muhammad Ali on television.  Young Miller follows his idol faithfully, continuing to draw inspiration from him.  More than twenty years later, as a writer on the brink of middle age, he seeks to rekindle that spirit of awe and gratitude, by visiting his boyhood hero in person at Ali’s mother’s home in Louisville, Kentucky.

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