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Brushstrokes of Motion

University of Nevada, Las Vegas Dance Department-
Alta Hamm Fine Arts, 111; November 2019

Photography : Louis Kavouras

Brushstrokes of Motion is the BFA  showcase featuring choreography by students in the Dance Department. 

"Lean on Me" is about those who stand next to another, providing a place to lean on and have support. Warm ambers were the main lighting inspiration to show the strength we all look for in those around us. 

 "Going through It" is about the moments when you feel isolated, misunderstood, and left behind and the world moves around you. Blues brought out isolation and misunderstanding, while warm ambers highlighted the world passing around without us. 

"Recovery" focuses on long-distance relationships and the effects of not having self-love in a relationship. Blues and purples highlight how distance can be felt, even when next to each other. In the end, these colors mixed to more pink tones, showing the importance it is to have self-love and connect with those around us. 
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